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LCC 1st International English Public Speaking Competition

On 24 February LCC International University together with the Embassy organized the 1st International English Public Speaking Competition on the theme of Freedom and Confinement in Armenia. 42 selected students  from schools from all over Armenia had participated in the competition. I’ve also participated in that competition  becoming a finalist. My  speech was about sex-selective abortions worldwide with the  title of “It’s a girl”. My entire speech goes here.

                                                              “It’ s  a girl”
Please take a moment and think of three women closest to you. Who comes to your mind? Your mother? Your sister? Your girlfriend? Your wife? Now guess which one of them  would have  never  been born? Unpleasant or unusual thing to think about, right?
According to the United Nations, as many as 200 million girls  had never  been born. 200 million girls are missing  in the world’s population today  because  high preference is given to male offspring in some strongly  patriarchal  societies and communities. In these societies  children are killed or neglected just because they are girls. Think about it, 200 million,that is  five times the population  of Canada, three  times of South Africa, and is about the  population of Russia. It’s the biggest genocide have  ever  happened.
I am speaking of this topic because it’s a big  national problem in my country and very touching  for me because I am a girl too. I did additional research for this speech and today I would like to inform you about the sex-selective abortions worldwide, discuss the root causes, effects and possible solutions to  this inhuman phenomena.
First, let me  discuss the root causes of the sex-selective abortions at the large scale.
Reasons  behind sex-selective abortions may vary from country to country. Generally they may be classified as political, economic, cultural etc. For many nations having a son is an asset. So what are the privileges of bearing  a son? According to the data provided by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA),   many of the families stated that they  want to have a son because he can continue the  family lineage, support them financially, live with them  and take care of them at their elderly age. Also, in  many  Asian countries, especially in India  there is a dowry system according to which  bride's’ parents should give precious presents to her. So girls become financial burdens on  family. Moreover,  in China, where Government set a one child policy, families prefer it to be a boy, for the simplest reasons given above. Anchee Min, a world-renowned novelist, born in Shanghai,  admits she cried when she  gave birth to her daughter “I wanted a boy”, Min says. Who wants to be a girl in China?  

Next, I would like to discuss the possible consequences of selective abortions. According to  UN Population Fund (UNFPA) The sex ratio for the entire world population is 105 males to 101 females. However, in many countries, especially those of Asia such as China, India, and the Republic of Korea, countries in Caucasus like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia   these rates are even higher: 110- 120 male to 100 female. Such high rates of gender distortion bring to demographic imbalance in these countries , the impact of which may lead to terrible consequences  such as   human rights violation,higher crime rates, human trafficking, shortage of brides, aggression,abduction of woman, and others.  

Fortunately, there are also some strategies to tackle the issue of selective abortions, like abortion policies, which are different all over the world. For example  in In the Republic of Armenia abortion is now legal until 12 weeks of pregnancy. After that abortion is allowed only in certain cases mentioned by the law. Discussing the law option  not to  give  the  right to women to  do abortion legally, women  may do it at home by their own means, which may lead to serious reproductive health problems, and even death, which is the case especially in India. So the government and policy makers should  target changing the  mindsets and social norms  that lead to selective behaviour, such as   inheritance rules,  patrilocal marriages, old age support, unequal employment laws, and many others.  

As we  have seen, there are deep-rooted causes, effects and possible solutions to  sex-selective abortions. All we have to do in the world is ensuring big opportunities and  gender equality for women, ultimately altering their  status  in society and giving them the chance to enjoy more freedom and autonomy. When I was born,  my mom was not that  happy  as I was already  the third  girl in the family and their  dream of having a son was faded. Now it seems their attitude has been changed   since they gave  me the chance to live. Using my given opportunities, now I am going after all of my dreams and trying to make them happy with every achievement I get!  

Thank you!


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