среда, 14 декабря 2016 г.

Should a country's government tell its citizens how many children they can have? Why or why not?

I don't think that a country should tell its citizens how many children they can have. First off, this is an unnecessary intrusion of the government into people's personal lives. Secondly, the birthrate around the world ( despite a few countries) is dropping on its own, because of the increased freedom of women. And finally, with independence made possible by global
trade, strained resources can be easily supplemented. So the world had adjusted to allow for more children to be born and to live without fear of starvation.

The first  argument against the restriction of children to a certain number is that it is an invasion of privacy carried out by an intrusive government.

The next reason why it is wrong to put an arbitrary limit on the number of children in a family is that the problem it is supposed to solve, overpopulation, is actually being solved on its own. In the developed world, more women are taking control of their lives and bodies.

The last reason is that we now have a globalized economy that can relieve the fear of strained resources. A lot of countries have much lower populations than the rest of the world, so they often have surplus of necessary resources.

So imposing a limit on children is unnecessary  and tyrannical because the world is already finding a solution to the problems it is supposed to fix.

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