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Should students work while they study? Why or why not?

In my opinion, students should work while they study. Being a students means that they are more often financially dependent on their parents. But students need to establish their independence from their families so that they can live on  their  own in the future. Students also have to save up some money so that they can live easily throughout their lives.

Students are on their own for the first time and as much not going to have a lot of money to their names. They usually ask their parents for money if they find themselves broke. But  most of the parents also want their children to learn independence and ought to cut off their kids from what they perceive to be endless source of spending money.

The next thing is that students need to learn is that they need to build up their life savings so that they can live comfortably throughout their lives. Not having this nest eggs means that they either have to work harder to put off retirement and work longer.

So students should work because it helps them along the path of becoming responsible adults. It weans them off asking their parents for money when they have little of it. It helps them to be  prepared  for life outside of school and their parents’ house. Finally, their life savings start with this kind of work when they save up to live they lives they envision for themselves.

Essay 1 Armine Gasparyan, 12th grade

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