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Should students consult their parents about majors and career or should they consult their teachers and friends instead

I believe that students should to consult their teachers or friends about their majors, not their parents. First of all, teachers and friends have seen you study and learn through our schooling, either in part or in whole, so they know our strengths and weaknesses better. Secondly, parents tend to biased towards their own dreams for their
children, without regards for their children's feelings. Finally, teachers, as educational professionals, have  a better understanding of the field that students consider, and thus can give better advice.

Our friends and teachers have watched our progress through our schooling practically , and thus know our strengths and weaknesses. If our  teachers have noticed our  talent  in a particular subject, say math, then they may recommend that  major in math and become accountant, business manager,etc. A parent, on the other hand, may hate the math field and demand that their kids avoid taking math out of a fear mistrusting their  abilities  and  displeasing their parents.

Another thing that parents tend to be emotional about is their own dreams for their children. Parents like to fantasize about the path their children take along  the road of life and they breed and attempts to condition through classes, extracurricular activities, and sports. But whether they want to admit it or not , their children have free will, and ultimately, they are the ones who decide which path to  take. The parents’ dreams for their children are just basically the unfulfilled dreams they had for themselves and it is wrong to project that frustration onto their kids.

So parents are not as neutral or qualified as teachers are when it comes to advising students about their majors. That is why I believe that  teachers are  the ones who should  advise students on their majors and careers. Essay 2 Armine Gasparyan, 12th grade

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